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Spring is Here! Probably.

It’s been a bit cold today, which is the story of our spring – one false start after another. Despite everything, the blossom is out now. The sun made a bit of an effort today and the world looks like a sunny fairyland. Most of it, to be fair, happened on Sunday. The day may have been dreary but the blossom had an inexorable drive to open. This makes things easy – I can merely re-use pictures of blossom from previous years.

I sorted things out this morning, using my desk space at work. It’s small and cramped, but it’s larger and less chaotic than my home equivalent. I’m tempted to drop the solicitor a few lines af advice regarding the quality of their website, and the dreadful design of their forms but have noticed before that people don’t often appreciate my attempts to help.  Anyway, why give them something for free. When did you last hear of a solicitor doing something without expecting payment?

There are quizzes on TV tonight and I particularly like to see if I can beat the contestants on various things. I don’t understand all the questions on University Challenge, but I do like it when I can show my mastery of a subject compared to the gilded youth of the student body (though some are nearly as old as I am). They couldn’t, for instance, identify the voice of Elvis Costello last week, which was noted on Twitter by  number of people. It’s nice to feel superior.

On the other hand, when they ask questions on physics or enzymes I don’t actually understand the questions . . .

Blossom at Wilford

Reading, Quizzes and Chocolate

Julia went to the chip shop to get tea. I made dessert. It was fruit and nut chocolate served with a cup of tea. In other words, cooking was minimalist tonight.

watched Tenable tonight. It’s back on at a better time and as I slept through Pointless I needed some quiz input. I was awful on Wham! songs and European football. Pop music and sport aren’t my best subjects. Fortunately I redeemed myself on Dogs. I was pretty good on Kings of England (I still thing the question setters were wrong to exclude Edgar the Aetheling, as he was elected, even if he wasn’t crowned. However, on a quiz where a contestant can only name two of the first ten Kings after 1066, this is probably a step too far). My work on US states is paying off and I was able to name the ten that begin with T or N. I can do the English ones that begin with N. but completely forgot Tyne and Wear. Probably because I don’t see it a s a proper county.

Don’t ask me about Scottish, Welsh and Irish counties – I am even worse on them.

After that I sat at the computer with the intention of writing classic literature. I ended up reading blogs, playing games and thinking deep thoughts.

All this took so long that I am only just finishing the blog post for the day. I did think about ending with a joke about procrastination, but that will have to wait.