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Day 176

Went to bed early as part of my new healthy lifestyle. Got up several times in the night as not all parts of my body are buying into my new health regime. Woke up with a stiff back and the feeling that the old way was easier.

In the shop things were quiet. had a half day and took Julia to KFC. Well, you have to taper into this health thing. You can’t just dive in and be completely healthy in an instant. Back at home I fell asleep in front of TV, which could be a sign that spending longer in bed is no guarantee of better sleep.

Country Life has, as usual sent me an email with properties in it. If I have £50 million I can buy a “well-known sporting estate” near Newmarket. It has two farms, commercial property and a big field of solar panels, and has an income of over £500,000 a year. This demonstrates that is is far better to be born into a wealthy family than it is to win the lottery. Even if I did win the £140 million on offer with the Euromillions next week I’m not sure I’d want to blow s so much on a house.

I suppose the acid test of character is what you would do if you suddenly came into possession of £140 million. Would you buy an electric car, a compact energy efficient home and spend your time doing good works? Or would you buy a red Ford Mustang, head off for the South of France with your wife and send a text message to work telling them not to expect you back until the money ran out?

You’ve probably guessed from the level of detail that I have failed the test of character.

Tonight’s lottery only has a £4 million prize, but even so, it’s enough to fail the character test. Charity can have my money when I’m gone, a process I will be happy to accelerate with fast cars and good living. However, first I need to win . . .