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Victorian Values

I was up a little later today, but am continuing my new system of getting up once I wake at an approximately suitable time.  It may cut my sleep slightly short but I’m not convinced that the extra grudging 20-40 minutes of sleep is actually worth it. I never feel rested at the end of it.

It’s a funny day, Saturday. Lacking the discipline of the rest of the week, it is a slightly chaotic morning. I don’t have to get Julia to work, so there’s no rush to be out of the door before 8.00, but I do want to get to work in time to settle and find a parking spot. I’m old-fashioned like that. If I “start” at 10.00, I like to be there at least fifteen minutes early to get myself ready and relaxed. I’ve always done this, even in the days when a day in the office involved pens and paper rather than computers. Do you remember those days? We used to do our calculations using pen, paper and knowledge, instead of clattering away on a calculator or computer.

It’s always been one of those things that winds me up.  If you start work at a certain time, that’s when you start. You son’t sidle into the office dead on time, hang your coat up, say hello to people, use the toilet,, shuffle the stuff on your desk and, ten to fifteen minutes after your start time, actually get down to work . . .

As I say, probably just me, as this sort of attitude is generally considered “Victorian” in today’s world. That’s Victorian in the context of an insult. These days it’s seen a s a bad thing to do a fair day’s work for your pay, and to keep your word. I fully support this boss. It would be even better if the Prime Minister would show this sort of backbone when dealing with his government. Of course, that would imply that he had some sort of values himself, and that, to be honest, doesn’t seem to be the case.

However, I do admit that it’s difficult for people to know how to respond when they see so many politicians and sports starts behaving like the rules don’t apply to them.

First Signs of Spring

I will take the day in order.

I didn’t feel good when I woke so I went back to sleep. I felt worse when I woke because I had slept through the second alarm and was running late.

Breakfast was two well soaked shredded wheat and a piece of cold toast with marmalade, washed down with cold tea. I’m lucky like that, I can enjoy my food hot or cold and have never understood why people wince when I drink tea or coffee that has been standing for hours. It tastes much the same to me.

At the other end of the spectrum I am able to finish scalding hot drinks quicker than most people, even though I’m told it increases my risk of oesophageal cancer. (That is the first time I’ve ever used that word in either written or spoken form).

Emerging into the day I first noted the amount of noise being made by the birds, then noticed that the sky was a lovely blue colour. Spring is starting to show. The bird noise wasn’t song, it was the sound of Magpies playing on the rooftops and Great Tits calling from gardens. Neither one could be accused of being melodious.


I made it to work with 15 minutes to spare – I’m old-fashioned an consider this a minimum as it takes me 15 minutes to turn things on and compose myself. Younger and more modern people seem to think it’s OK to turn up dead on time and carry on from there, before starting work ten minutes late.

We weren’t busy online, with just four parcels to send, but we had phone calls and customers and the day passed easily, though I did start to flag in mid-afternoon as a desire for a warm bed stole over me. I’m not sure whether I’m coming down with something or have weakened myself by going on a diet. I remarked to my sister by text, that I had expected my new vegetarian regime to make me feel better. She said she’s been vegetarian for over 40 years and hasn’t noticed any great feeling of well-being. Now she tells me…

Finally I came home, put the fire on and started to feel better, read my blood test results and, eventually, drifted off to sleep for half an hour. Julia, fresh from swimming, came and woke me, shoving a vegetable stir-fry into my hands before making pancakes. I think she’s been reading cookery books again.

The results were good. I have a target of 2.5 and hit 2.4 so I have another twelve weeks before the next test.

I’m planning on an early night and sleeping until I wake up rather than setting an alarm. We have no plans for tomorrow apart from dropping stuff of at charity shops and clothes banks, so I’m taking a relaxed attitude.

The presentation is falling into place and at this rate it should be finished with hours to spare. Considering I’ve had eight months to do it, this is either commendable precision or world-class procrastination.