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Me and Technology

I had an email today to tell me that ASDA were going to discontinue the use of plastic bags in their on-line shopping services. To be honest we went back to plastic bags during lockdown because it was simpler with the deliveries and my arthritis. We paid 40p a week extra and most weeks we got a couple of bags and a load of loose shopping so we discontinued it. TESCO was even worse with their tray liners – massive bags with no purpose once they had been used for shopping delivery, and too big for a man with arthritic fingers to lift.

Back at yesterday’s post, yes, it was the nuns. I have dealt with nuns before when I was selling poultry and always found them charming people, despite their portrayal in fiction. I would, however, hate to get on the wrong side of one as they always seem to be ladies of strong character. I have never dealt with them in the shop, though we have dealt with church volunteers, church wardens, temple elders and priests in the shop. The last vicar wanted a Roman coin to illustrate his sermon to a group of kids (render unto Caesar etc) and we also managed to sell him a widow’s mite (all those Sunday school classes as a kid finally paid off!). And yes, visitors to religious locations do take the opportunity to unload their holiday change. The local Sikh temple brings in regular boxes of foreign coins – mainly rupees and Canadian dollars – which I think come from an appeal for foreign change and the local Catholics brings in quite a lot that gets put in collections. There is probably a lesson to be learnt there about the relative values of the two religions…

This afternoon, by coincidence, we had a phone call from the lady at the catholic Aid Foundation who is going to bring us some boxes of donated coins on Friday morning. It seems this is a week for me to indulge in religious practices.

There were no orders this morning so I used my time before opening to write this post and email it to myself. I’m just adding a few bits, then I’m going to watch TV with a cup oftea and feel virtuous at having completed my blog post before I needed to panic.

This is, I think, the first time that technology has been employed to write the blog. Apart from computeres, but they don’t count because they are just big electric typewriters.

We count the cash…

We raised nearly £500 for the centre on Saturday, so it was a worthwhile day. The kitchen and tombola staff are all due a big vote of thanks.

It’s not a huge amount compared to the teens of thousands of pounds you hear about when people get grants, but  if you don’t qualify for a grant £500 takes a lot of earning. Last time I helped raise money for a project we packed bags at supermarket checkouts. On average we earned about £200 for a day’s effort.

Despite my support for the reuse of carrier bags I can’t help feeling that this has played a part in the downturn in fundraising – once people started using significant numbers of their own bags they started to be keener on doing it for themselves. Down goes plastic bag use, down goes charity funding, up goes food poisoning (if scientists can be believed) and up (I suspect) go sales of plastic bin liners. Yes, didn’t think about that did they – politicians either already buying new bags for that or having their housekeepers do it for them. (Actually, when I checked up on this it seems sales of bags to line bins don’t go up that much. However, my opinions on politicians remain unchanged.)

That was bad, compared to the money we used to be able to earn from packing bags, but I suspect it would be worse these days as so many of the kids you see doing it spend most of their time standing round looking at their various electrical devices.

Before this becomes a “things aren’t what they used to be” post I will change subject.

We’ve been given the left-overs from the local school Christmas fair. These include jig-saws, giant dominoes and a version of Twister.

At the moment we’re testing everything out. As you can see from the picture (if you can see anything from it at all – sorry about the lack of composition) we have some work to do, but it’s proving to be useful for stretching and exercise. It’s also been revealing to see who has a nasty competitive streak in their character.