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Day 167

Two unusual pairs of customers today. One pair both had difficulty communicating as they can’t speak and one of them can’t write. They don’t seem to use any discernible signing system either, just do a lot of pointing. One of them was a regular before lockdown and  we manged to get by with writing and pointing.

It brings home my deplorable lack of knowledge of signing, something I have always meant to learn. Julia has done courses in Makaton, as reported some months ago, and British Sign language. However, she wasn’t there. My ability to offer them tea and coffee in Makaton was of no use at all. I must do better.

The second couple were father and daughter. She has saved up Christmas and Birthday money and has accumulated £100 to buy silver. She was about eight years old and would, I think, be better buying shares in emerging eastern economies and renewable energy. Even better, she ought to be spending it on dolls.

That thought is probably the window into my soul that allows you to see why I’m not a multi-millionaire and why my kids are likely to follow in my footsteps.

If you wait in the shop long enough, something interesting will happen. It might take months, but it will happen.

I ordered the shopping online last night and went on to make a few final adjustments tonight. They have no canned corned beef and no ready grated cheese. The latter isn’t a problem, because I always feel bad about using it – lazy for buying ready-grated and bad in general   because it is full of fat and I am supposed to be losing weight. The former isn’t a problem either, as I’d ordered the tinned stuff by accident, when meaning to buy the sliced corned beef for making sandwiches. It’s a bit annoying, but also, in this case, not important at all. I’m getting used to “supply chain issues” and they don’t really bother me now.

The Captains and the Kings depart…

This morning I stood in a queue with a lot of old people and a medic with a cough stabbed me in the arm with a flu vaccination before saying: “Really, I’m too ill to be in work today.”

Just what you want to hear at this time of year.

That, of course, wasn’t the worst thing that happened today. England threw the Rugby World Cup away.

Work was work. Good in places.

When I got home from work there was an ambulance parked outside the house almost opposite. The man who lives there is younger than me and is on his last lap with prostate cancer, so even losing the rugby recedes into perspective.

The coins are from a set made in 2006 using the Britannia silver bullion coin as a base and adding gold highlights.

It is made from .958 silver (known as Britannia silver) rather than the more normal .925 Sterling silver. This standard was used in Georgian times for silver items to stop silversmiths melting down coins as their raw material, coins being .925 silver (as they remained until 1919)

Britannias are pleasant enough but have no real history as they are yet another invention of the marketing department at the Royal Mint.