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Aaaaaargh! A Correction

I just had a look at yesterday’s post and the first thing I noticed was that I’m an idiot. November 20th 2020 isn’t a palindrome. November 20th 2002 was a palindrome – 20.11.02 rather than 20.11.20. Ah well, I look like an idiot but there’s no harm done as you knew that anyway.

There are worse things than being an idiot – politician, polygamist or parasite would all be worse, though including both politician and parasite is dangerously close to tautology. I have nothing personal against polygamists, by the way, I just wouldn’t want to be one. One wife is more than enough. If you have the fortitude to cope with multiple wives, good luck to you.

It’s the same with bigamists. If they have the organisational skills to run multiple lives we need them to run the country as most of the current clowns can’t even run one life, let alone a government. Bigamists should be cherished rather than punished.

And with that thought, and the correction made, I will leave you for now. The fire is burning, Sharpe is on TV and Julia has gone to buy doughnuts…