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Another Short Post


When Julia had her funny turn, as I now refer to it, she left her keys with one of the other staff members when she was taken off in the ambulance. Today, we arranged a meeting with suitable social distancing, to get the keys back. I stayed in the car. Did you know that it takes forty minutes for two women to pass over a set of keys? Slightly over forty minutes in fact, but writing “forty three minutes” seems overly pedantic.

It’s amazing to think of the events in between the two things – hospital, holiday, isolation…


Different lighting – different mood

Tomorrow we are going gardening. I’m going to make smoked mackerel pate tonight and we will have sandwiches, Scotch eggs and tea. It will be nice to get out. As a bonus, I should be able to get some decent new photographs.

Julia is currently outside taking yet another work call. She has left the back door open and I can hear the screaming of swifts outside. Inside, Timothy West and Prunella Scales are cruising through Yorkshire on a canal boat.

I’m watching Outback Opal Hunters at the moment. It’s fascinating stuff, though I’d rather be a gold prospector. You don’t have to work underground to find gold, which is a distinct advantage for someone who doesn’t like confined spaces. I don’t want to be crushed under tons of rock either, or poisoned by poor quality air.

Despite everything I say about vegetating in front of the TV, it can be an educational experience.


Front garden – out of control