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Some Thoughts From Last Week

Another week already, and I have a list of subjects to discuss from last week.

How about the kitchen gadget that tells you if you’re poor? It’s not another app, and it’s nothing to do with online banking.

According to one of the Mums on Mumsnet, it’s a tin opener.  If you own one it means you are too poor to afford tins with ring-pull tops.  If you really are rich, why are you buying cans at all? If I was rich I’d have domestic staff, so here’s one for Mumsnet – if you’re doing your own cooking you aren’t rich.

It also seems, from reading around the subject, that some users of Food Banks need ring pull cans as they don’t have can openers, either through poverty or lack of kitchen drawers (as in sleeping rough).

However, for me that’s only the first in a chain of questions. Is it just me or are tin openers getting more flimsy? I’ve taken several back but it gets to a point where I just can’t be bothered. I suppose that’s the idea – they are so cheap that most people would rather be ripped off than go to the trouble of taking something back.


Pizzas with sweetcorn and pineapple from tins

I have a good one at home. We’ve had it so long that I can’t remember where it came from. But ones I bought for the farm kitchen lasted months at best and one only lasted for one can. It wasn’t as if we used them much, maybe once a fortnight to open sweetcorn and pineapple for pizza toppings.

Finally – mixed news. Our court case about the attempted burglary has taken place and the malefactor has been convicted and handed a custodial sentence. This is good, because we feel like he’s been punished. However, it doesn’t get us back the £70 we had to spend on repairing the window.


CSI van investigating the scene of the crime.

The other problem is that I’m not sure that jail is the best place for him. Someone who is so far down the pile that he resorts to robbing allotments really needs hope and retraining, not time in jail.