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Monday, Bloody Monday

I have mixed feelings about Mondays. Mainly I like them because they are a new start after the weekend, but I’m prepared to make an exception for today.

Last week I made an appointment with the doctor for 8.40, which is a good time for me as early appointments usually run to time. It’s also, with it being one of Julia’s days off, early enough not to impact on the rest of the day.

Good plan, apart from one thing. She swapped days this week. Not only that, but she was asked to take a cookery session. She was also told it had to be banana cake because that’s what the group wanted. Then she was told she would have to buy the ingredients and claim the cost back.

So, feeling guilty at not being able to deliver her to work, I had to drop her off at the bus station.

At that point one of the “bags for life” gave up the ghost on the pavement. Fortunately we had a replacement in the back of the car.

When I got to the doctor I was glad I had my book with me, as my theory on early appointment timing  proved to be inaccurate. However, I quite like reading, and wasn’t too bothered. I also managed to get out, after a review of my tablets, without gaining any extra ailments, which is always a bonus. I’ve even managed to reduce the number of tablets I take.

In TESCO, my pharmacy of choice these days, I was ambushed and asked to answer some questions on my medication. It wasn’t exactly a searching set of questions, so I suspect I’ve just become a tick in a box. I’m not even sure if I’m irritated by this or not.

Once back home I spent time looking for a set of A4 dividers marked with the months. I was positive I had a set, and even promised Julia I would …

I suppose you can guess the rest. The set I had in mind has 20 numbered dividers, which just aren’t going to do the year-planning job I had in mind.

Did I mention the broadband keeps going off?

And I forgot to buy yoghurt in TESCO.

I think that’s it. I’m making soup in a minute and from there the only way is up.


Me, ranting again

I’ve just been reading an article on the web that reveals 5 Monday Morning Task for a Successful Week. I’ve included the link because it seems the polite thing to do, both for the author and the readers, who might like to know why I am fighting a rising tide of sarcasm. On the other hand, you may want to avoid reading it.

Get an Early Start. 

Set a New Goal

Schedule Meetings for the Week

Show Appreciation

Assess Upcoming Challenges

My replies.

All starts feel early, and all early starts end up later then I intended by the time I’ve seen to the kids, made sandwiches, gone back round the block for something I forgot and complained about how slowly I move in the mornings since old age started to bite.

You can set a new goal any time. I do it when I’m falling asleep at night – it always seems easier then and the goals always seem more grandiose.

Yes, meetings, let’s have more of them. After all they are always productive, nobody ever drones on (and on) and you never come out of one feeling like some idiot has stolen a portion of your life.

Again yes, that’s what the world needs – more shows of insincere appreciation. Say thanks to people when they do something good. Say it at the time and say it as often as necessary.

Don’t even understand the fifth one properly – what job allows you to wait until Monday to “Assess Upcoming Challenges”. Do it Friday and have a peaceful weekend.

I’m not saying it’s all wrong, but I don’t like the way it’s delivered.

This is the sort of article you get when you allow shiny, smooth, plastic child-men with degrees in management to write about management.

You don’t need a degree in something to be good at it. For proof of this show me another of these articles. I don’t have a degree in swearing, but  if I ever have to assess another of these articles you’ll see that I’m pretty good at it, even if I do lack paper qualifications in Applied Invective.