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An Accidentally Thoughtful Post

Well, I went to sleep again last night instead of blogging. It seems to be my new routine. I will do my best to start a better habit over the holiday. However, my good intentions tend to last as long as a mayfly so don’t hold your breath.

Today is my last day at work for a while, as I won’t be back until 3rd January.¬† That’s plenty of time to try a new routine and drift away from it.

Meanwhile, the turkey is thawing in the kitchen (Julia remembered to do it – I merely thought about it then forgot to check and went to bed).

Happy Christmas to you all. Unless you don’t celebrate Christmas, and find the whole thing incomprehensible. It’s a sign of modern times that I have to worry about things like that. Life was much easier when we could just wish everyone a Happy Christmas without worrying whether it would upset someone. Christmas hasn’t suddenly become offensive, because just like every other religion, I like to see lots of people enjoying themselves, and I’m sure that most people do. No, the big change is that people have suddenly become so sensitive and willing to take offence.

Robin at Clumber, Nottinghamshire

My Christmas message to the world is therefore to stop taking yourself so seriously. People my age were brought up to talk and think in a way that will be offensive to modern snowflake sensibilities ( and I may have done it there) . You can take us as we are, because we really aren’t that bad. Or you can grow up all twisted inside because the world is unfair and you aren’t given enough respect. Your choice. Over the last few years I’ve seen lots of things change, some for the better, some not. I can’t change them so I’ve decided that as I approach the downhill slide to the crematorium I am going to laugh while I’m doing it.

That’s strangely philosophical for a wet, grey Saturday morning, but I had a short slot for writing before¬† setting off for work and let my fingers wander over the keyboard. That’s what emerged.

Tonight I hope to be back to my normal lightweight self.

Robin at Clumber, Nottinghamshire