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One Post to Go

This is it, my final post where I will allow mediocrity to rule. Tomorrow, my 3,000th post, will have to be a lot better. Yes, I know it’s only a number, but there are some numbers which make you want to try harder. This is one of them. When I get to 3,001 I won’t feel quite the same, but I’m going to try to maker more effort in future.

I’m even taking a leaf out of LA’s book and planning ahead, because she is a well known planner. Here is my plan for next week.

  1. 3,000th post. Write something good.
  2. 3,001. And again.
  3. Probably write an informative piece about world peace. Though possibly not that informative, and possibly a different subject.
  4. Stare at screen wondering where my life went wrong.
  5. Don’t blog. Watch TV.
  6. Blog about watching TV instead of blogging.
  7. Blog a list, pretending that I have a plan for 7 days and that I am going to keep to it. This is one of my tried and tested time wasting techniques.

It’s likely that I may fail with Number 1, but I reckon if I can make it to Number 4 I’m in with a chance of seeing the week out.

Based on events in Number 7 I’m going to add Number One of next week’s list.

1 Write a reflective report revealing the relaxing nature of writing alliteratively.

And with that, I will add a bit of fluff to the bottom of this post, hit my pitifully low self-declared word limit and go to bed.

High point of the day: hot buttered toast, made to perfection. It seems so simple but it’s hard to do. It could well be another year before I get it right again.

Low point of the day: just now. When writing this I realised that somewhere along the line I seem to have lost the urge to add un-necessary capital letters to things. I could go back and write “High Point of the Day” but it all seems so meaningless . . .

A man that is tired of Capital Letters is tired of Life, as they say.

The header picture is a cat drawn by one of Julia’s group in the gardens.

Photo by Min An on Pexels.com