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Very Little to Write About

Today, despite a promised heatwave, the day grew greyer and more blustery. The man doing our chimney stack is doing his best between outbreaks of bad weather and I hope it is gradually improving, as the wind increases in strength. It would be annoying if it all fell down when we were on the point of getting it fixed.

We have done Julia’s test kit tonight and it is ready for posting in our local priority post box tomorrow before 10am. The collection is at 11.00 and it has to be there an hour early for some reason – probably because the collection times aren’t very accurate.

It took ages to fill in the online forms and get it to accept an email address and the post code – it only accepted the post code when we used lower case letters. Nobody uses lower case letters for postcodes, apart from idiots on eBay who don’t know how to use a shift key or, probably, how to wipe their own noses.

Then we had the palaver with folding the box, because the perforations weren’t all done properly…

Sorry if this is repeating things – I know I’ve mentioned some of this before, or in answering comments. It’s because I’m getting old, we repeat things you know. I say, we repeat things you know…

Maybe premature senility is an undiscovered consequence of Covid vaccinations…

It seems a sad waste of a day when you can condense it into a couple of hundred words. I may have to plan something more interesting for next week. Perhaps another Cup a Soup review, though I don’t want to spoil you…

Looking ahead, I get my second dose of vaccine in May and the side-effects are said to be worse. To be honest, that won’t be difficult, considering there were none yesterday. If things don’t improve soon you will at least have my mid-May brush with death to look forward to, even if it is death from terminal hypochondria.



The photos are from my baking days  a light rye bread with some uneven air spaces and a chollah that pulled round the joints, which I seem to remember is a sign of underproving. Baking was more difficult than it looked…


Back to Work

Old Oaks of Sherwood Forest

Old Oaks of Sherwood Forest

First day back at work. Julia’s test kit is “in the post” but it’s of little interest now as we have counted off enough days to be out of quarantine. What a shambles. I was back at work today, but still can’t see why I am needed. It’s just that people are getting fed up with being inactive. The shop owner, thinks we should be doing things . I, having made inactivity into a way of life, am quite happy not to do things. I didn’t get where I am today by doing things. I was happy doing nothing, but all good things must end and I am now having to work. Of course, I have plenty to do without work…

We had pancakes tonight, with syrup and lemon. This, believe it or not, was not the high point of my day, but it was quite close.

I just looked for my phone and can’t find it. I think I’ve left it at work. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. This is most annoying.

I have been going through an old camera card and selecting photos to use. Today’s selection is  a selection from a walk around the old oaks of Sherwood Forest. It’s all changed now, with the new visitor centre and stuff. I haven’t been to the new one yet. It’s on my to do list, but so are a lot of other things.

Old Oaks of Sherwood Forest

Old Oaks of Sherwood Forest

Just a short post tonight as I have a lot to do. Towards the end of the week I will be testing mushroom Cup a Soup.  It’s a depressing thought that this is the best life has to offer at the moment. If you thought the last one looked grey…

Old Oaks of Sherwood Forest

Old Oaks of Sherwood Forest