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Old Man Habits and a Strange Way to Show Respect

I got up late. watched some of the Queen’s funeral and then filled my time with daytime TV and trying to write. I was more successful at the former than the latter. The thing I will remember about today is the TV advert situation. There are none. They are showing trailers before and after the programme but the bulk of the gap is left blank. Sometimes there is just silence, sometimes a notice and, on one station, there is funereal music. It’s very strange and slightly unsettling. And, quite honestly, it doesn’t seem much of a way of paying your respects. I can watch Murder She Wrote and see a trailer for Tower Heist but it isn’t considered respectful to watch an advert for holidays or over-60 insurance. (You’d have thought the natural demographic for over-60 insurance would all be watching the funeral and this seems like a wasted opportunity).

Souvenir Medallion 1953

Souvenir Medallion 1953

As for the rest of the ceremony, I’ve been using Google to check what is happening. It’s full of interesting information – particularly about the fact the Orb, Sceptre and Crown were all secured to the coffin by hidden fixings. I’d guessed they might be, but it was nice to have it confirmed. Also nice to know that several million other people had been wondering the same thing.

The weather today has been a bit nippy and I have been wearing a fleece jacket all day. Apart from the material there is little difference between a fleece and a cardigan. Cardigans are the clothing of old men, so I’m dubious about them, as I already have enough old man habits. I repeat myself, use a stick, complain about young people muttering and emit a small grunt when rising from a chair. These all seem to omitted from the article on old people.