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Third Post of the Day

Well, I wrote one post, then I wrote another. At that point I decided I needed a third post to link to the previous two. Really I ought to write a sequel to parts one and two of the burger story, but that can wait until tomorrow. My life is so crammed with trivia that it’s hard to fit it all in.

I notice that the clock is nearing midnight, and if I don’t post soon the title will be incorrect.

We were going to have fish pie and roasted ratatouille tonight but it was so cold I changed that to sausages and roasted root veg with cumin and paprika. We put the heating back on on Friday night, which is something we don’t normally do. I also don’t normally need to use successive “ons” in a sentence. It’s always good to do something new.

Whilst seasoning the veg I made two discoveries.

One, the new pot of smoked Spanish paprika is considerably hotter than the old one.

Two, in a kitchen, in the twilight, with aging eyes, cinnamon and cumin don’t look all that different when you are reading spice jar labels. I will put the light on next time.

For desert we had fig rolls and Battenberg cake. Must do better with planning my menus.

The lack of photos may show you how little progress I am making towards my targets in food photography.


Wood chip woes

Three degrees centigrade when we arrived this morning. It’s now past 11 am as I write this and it’s still only four degrees so it looks like winter might have started. Despite all the newspaper reports this shouldn’t be a surprise, as we often have our worst weather in February or March.

The heat exchangers on the front of the building have been working hard and are covered in ice.


Meanwhile it’s 20 degrees inside, as long as people keep the door closed. Unfortunately, shutting doors seems to be a bit of a lost art.

Meanwhile the biomass boiler has been giving problems because we have used a new source of wood. First of all it needed recalibrating to deal with willow, and now the ash removal mechanism keeps clogging. When you have four homes relying on the system this isn’t good. Though we all know biomass is one of the ways forward, it’s easy to see why people stick to the more traditional methods of heating.