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Another Twenty Minutes in the Car Park

I returned to a familiar car park today. It wasn’t planned but I had time to kill. I see from a quick glance at the post that I haven’t really duplicated any shots, apart from one of the gym car park. so there won’t be a lot to compare. I’ve even looked through the old shots and can’t match anything else up.


As you can see, there are more people there, and more leaves on the trees. There has been an outbreak of community gardening in the areas of bare soil around the trees lining the boundary of the car park, complete with solar lights and some arty details in the corners.

It could do with a bit of maintenance, and I’m not sure the Christmas tree is a great idea, but apart from that it’s good to see. If I was having a go at a community space I’m pretty sure I would find it difficult to keep it maintained, so all credit to them for having a go. I’ve been saying for years that I was going to sow some seed bombs but I’ve never got round to it. I actually reviewed a book on Guerrilla Gardening years ago, but I’ve never done any and I can’t find the link.

There’s a smattering of rubbish in the car park, though not so much as when they still had the recycling bins in the corner. However, one man’s rubbish is another man’s haiku prompt…

If you see me writing about lost luggage and broken coffee cups you will know where I got the idea from. Discarded Guinness cans, however, might be a step too far. Most things, I take in my stride, but I really would like to know how the coffee cup ended up broken by the kerbside.

The sign, even with its disapproving eye, does not seem to be working.

Rubbish in the Car Park

Rubbish Sign in the Car Park


A frilly poppy

For details of my Sunday morning, please see here.

A sheep story

Generally I ignore the sheep on the farm. They tend to be quite disdainful about me too.

However, after reading this article I’m looking at them in a different way. It’s quite clear this is too bizarre to be a random event and nobody would dump this on purpose so all I can suggest is that the sheep arranged it.

Good luck to them. A sheep’s life is mainly about wet wool and foot rot so if they can do anything to make it more fun I’m all for it.

On a more serious note, fly tipping is a growing problem in the countryside and the RSPCA treats 7,000 animals a year after they are injured by litter.As if that isn’t enough we add to the burden by releasing balloons and sky lanterns.  The sheep were lucky to find the bags full of recreational drugs: it could have been a lot worse.