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Day 143

My big camera has, I think, reached the end of the road. The battery compartment will no longer close and has spilt my batteries several times today. It’s not an insurmountable problem, but as I need to remove the card several times a day the use of sticky tape (my low tech solution to the problem) is going to be inconvenient. Actually, I just had an idea – rubber bands. That might do it.

As a back up, I have my small camera. While I was taking the photos something didn’t seem quite right (it seemed to be taking time to process the photos, like it does when applying special effects). When i tried to download the photos, they wouldn’t show, and the icons that replaced them refused to download to eBay. That was twenty minutes I will never get back. I’m hoping it is a fault with the card rather than the camera.

Of course, you can’t get a decent cheap camera now. They have all been replaced by phones, or by cameras with unrecognisable brand names and poor reviews. I will see if I can solve the problem on the computer tonight, if not, it looks like we will be having a conversation about spending money when I go to work tomorrow.

I’ve just been trying to sort out the problem with the small camera. So far I have failed to find out why it isn’t working properly. Half of me thinks that it is something I have done to the settings and the other half thinks it is old and has finally broken. That’s three things recently – camera (or two cameras, possibly), the microwave and the strimmer. What more is in store?