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A Trip to the Seaside

We went to Llandudno on Monday. It was unexpected, because I was thinking of going for a blood test followed by a day of loafing and odd jobs.

On checking  the appointment card as I set off, I noticed that I was going to be early for the appointment. A week early.  It was truly an epic senior moment. When I reach the end of my life and it all flashes before my eyes, this will definitely be one from the top drawer.

Talking about the end of my life, it’s just over two years ago since we last went, and a lot has changed. Llandudno has gone slightly downhill in that time. I, on the other hand, have deteriorated to a frightening degree. It’s definitely time to start taking my health more seriously.

Instead of shuffling and muttering as I walked, as I did two years ago, I was having to stop for a rest every 400 yards (or 200 by the end of the day). Fortunately Llandudno is accustomed to the elderly and infirm (it looked like an advert for mobility aids as we walked round the centre of town) and is well-provided with benches.

Sorry, I somehow I seem to have drifted to Llandudno without getting to the point of the Senior Moment anecdote. The point is that it was 7am, we had the day ahead of us and it was the first day of the holidays.

I pointed this out to Julia, who poked her head from under the duvet and growled.

She didn’t seem overly grateful to be given the chance of a day at the seaside.

Despite this, as you may have noticed, we ended up at the seaside. I had a list  of piers and a thirst for ice cream. Julia had a slightly bemused expression.

For details of what happened next, read the next installment. As a teaser, it includes gulls, piers and ice cream…

Unfortunately, when I won’t be able to show any photos today as the Netbook is refusing to work with the camera card. It wants to format the disk, which as I recall, means it wants to wipe it. For some reason it does this from time to time.

As a result the tales of Llandudno are put on hold, as I want to use photos with the story.

Looks like tomorrow will be “Blanket Weed at Budby Flash”. Not quite as interesting, but it does at least have photos.