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Day 20 and Some Thoughts on Fibre

When I post this I will receive a message from WP telling me I am on a 20 day streak. This is not so much a tribute to my ability to turnout a post a day for weeks on end, but a reproach that every so often I become so disorganised I can’t post every day. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in Wikipedia or TV that I forget the time, and sometimes I fall asleep. Either way, I don’t se it as something worth recording. But WP does. I thinks it’s all part of the process of keeping us addicted to blogging, (and paying for the privilege).

I was down for 6.50 this morning, having once again risen when my body decided rather than trying to cling on until the alarm went off. It does feel a bit better as a start to the day, though it has deprived me of a smidgen of my beauty sleep. These things are always a trade off, but I’m not a Kardashian and my blog doesn’t depend on my looks, so I don’t think this is a problem.

You would think that a blank mind and a new day would have come together with an empty computer screen to produce pure genius wouldn’t you? It hasn’t. It’s taken half an hour and several false starts to get this far and apart from the Kardashians the only other thought I’ve had is about dietary fibre. This is getting to be quite a popular subject at the moment.

You need 30g a day according to UK health professionals, and the average Brit is getting  16-20g a day. It’s not good, but compared to other countries, we aren’t doing too badly. However, lots of countries don’t have enough to eat, or have better things to measure, so there’s not a lot of data out there. The ones that ae doing substantially better in fibre intake are the ones where they  have a large rural population growing their own food. The presence of health food shops seems to have little to do with it.

I’ve just been looking at my breakfast.  A two biscuit serving of Weetabix contains 3.8g of fibre according to the internet. My budget ASDA version contains the same, according to the packet. This is distressingly little for something that appears to be compose entirely of floor sweepings and husks. Wholemeal bread has 2.8g per slice, and at least you can have marmalade on that.

It’s going to be a long old slog getting to 30g at this rate. Looks like we might have to call on the prunes . . .


Same day – just later

For lunch we had the remains of the fish pie. I made the mistake of reheating it in the enamel dish it had originally been cooked in. The pie warmed up well, but all the odds and ends of food  left from the first day burned themselves onto the dish. It is going to take some washing. Then some more washing.

For tea we had potato wedges, sausage and chickpea casserole and stir-fried greens. It is, to be fair, a meal made with more enthusiasm than skill, but it worked out OK. There was something about dietary fibre on TV tonight and a meal of chickpeas and greens  turns out to be an excellent choice, particularly as I left the skin on the potatoes. It’s because I’m lazy, rather than health conscious, but it all helps.

They also said that the avocado is an ecological disaster as a crop, but when you look at its fibre content it is packed with the stuff. So do I have well-polished innards and a healthy heart, or do I have a healthy planet. And if I give up avocados will people also give up flying to foreign holidays. I doubt it. What will happen is that I will give up avocados and the planet will still fall apart.

Julia has still not had her test kit delivered, which makes you wonder if it has even been ordered. Even if it arrives tomorrow she won’t get the result back until next week, by which time I think we will already have established that she isn’t infected.

It has tried to snow several times since I last mentioned it, but none of the attempts has come to anything. This is good as I am planning at being at hospital for a blood test just after 7.00. They are still draining it at an alarming rate to check on the Warfarin. I am hoping for a clear road tomorrow.