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Blood Test Debacle!

In many ways, yesterday’s post was quite easy to do. The words came easily, though I admit it was sometimes hard to select a photograph in the ones from the early years. In the latter years it became more difficult as I am hardly taking any photos. Apart from that, it wasn’t hard, and it was interesting for me to see how things have changed over the years. I hope it was interesting for other people, but my apologies if it wasn’t.

Next November I am hoping to retire, so I’m not sure what the next November post will be. The main worry, now that I am planning for the future, is that the future is uncertain and I can’t guarantee I will actually have one. However, I won’t dwell on that. The other negative scenario is that I mke a mess of all the arrangements and the move turns into a nightmare. That could easily happen, though I have said to Julia that if it happens we will just move anyway and sort it all out after Christmas (Christmas 2024, that is).

Piccalilli – I used to be a keen preserver.

Alternatively, it may all go well and I might actually enjoy it. Stranger things have happened.

Today I had a really bad blood testing session. Three nurses, twelve attempts. No blood. The general, view was that I was dehydrated and this flattens the veins. I’m going back tomorrow after drinking all day. It’s my fault. As soon as they mentioned dehydration I realised that the way I am restricting my intake (to regulate my outflow while I’m out during the day), was the fault. I know it isn’t really the way to go, but it makes life easier. Apart from blood tests. I’m going to have to drink more and face the consequences.

Life, eh? Nobody ever told me about this sort of thing when I was younger. What seem like basic human functions like sleep, bleeding and urination all get a lot more complicated as you get older.

Carrot and Parsnip soup, made from the mis-shapen veg the farm used to buy to feed livestock.

The photos are all from the first month of the blog. Happy Days . . .