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Another Moon, Another Morning

It’s not quite as sharp as I would have liked, but there’s a limited selection of sujects at 6am on a Sunday morning.

I’m a little puzzled by the fact it seems to show the half that was in darkness last time. I didn’t know it did that and I’m clearly going to have to do some reading on the subject.

The other shot shows the street, though, being taken by a camera braced against the steering wheel, it also benefits from lighting effects produced by a streaky windscreen.


Street scene in the dark

There was a definite dawn chorus his morning, though it’s far from the full thing. It was nice to hear, even if Spring is still several months away.

The temperature (around a degree above freezing – even two degrees at one point on the trip, – is higher than I’d been expecting after a dire forecast. Just goes  to show you shouldn’t believe all you see on TV.