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Day 126

I thought about talking about 1st World Problems (this is the second week in a row ASDA has failed to supply the figs I ordered!)

I thought about discussing politics. But I decided against it.

I even thought of mentioning that I saw a man on a cycle wobbling through traffic as he used one hand to look at his mobile phone (an operation that would be considered both dangerous and illegal if he were to do it in a car. But I decided not to bother.

So I deleted it all and thought “What can I write about?”

I could write about the emails we had on eBay today. One is from a German demanding to know where his goods are. The answer is that they are in Customs at Frankfurt Airport. He could have established this for himself as he has the tracking code. Sadly, the German Postal Service is currently so inefficient that most eBay sellers in the UK snigger at their name. They are finding it difficult to cope with the UK being out of the EU.

Another customer wrote to complain that we had under-stamped an envelope and he is being asked £1.50 for excess postage. He has written to us via eBay demanding a £28 refund. When we asked what was wrong with the letter he told us he doesn’t know, as he hasn’t seen it yet and is only assuming it is the one from us.

Then we had one in the afternoon enquiring if I would check that we had remembered to post his order as it had been three days and he hadn’t had it yet. I did check. We had remembered to post the letter. We mainly remember, as that’s how we pay our wages, But sometimes the Royal Mail isn’t perfect.

And that, as the word count rises to 300, is probably enough. I’m going to go now. We have chocolate cake to eat (it was heavily reduced in M&S and called out to Julia s she passed) and I have imaginary sarcastic letters to write to customers. I’m not allowed to write actual rude replies. This is, to be honest, a strain.