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Day 164

Committee Meeting of the Numismatic Society of Nottingham tonight, one of the easiest Committee meetings I have ever been to. No arguments, no jobs to do, no changes to be made. It’s all quite relaxing.

I could say the same for the day at work too. Everything just seemed to go smoothly and fall into place.

It’s hard to say much about a day when things go well.

Then one of the members said: “It’s the longest day next week.”

So soon? It’s only just been Spring.

That’s the problem with the years, no sooner do we get to the time of lilac and laburnum, than everything begins to become unravelled. The lilacs die, the longest day looms and suddenly we are sliding into winter. Autumn can be nice at times, but it’s little comfort when you know that winter, the season of aching joints, is just around the corner.

I’m afraid that I’m rapidly running out of energy tonight, having already fallen asleep at the keyboard once already, so am not sure I’m going to make my 250 word target.

And having said that, I find myself browsing the Test score, with a certain amount of satisfaction, when I should be going to bed. Not that it really matters. England has a proven talent, in all sports, for throwing away a good position and snatching our traditional defeat from the jaws of victory. It’s almost a national sport in its own right.

It’s very easy to lose focus on the internet and end up reading something you hadn’t planned.

Top photo is two idiots with their mother. Bottom photo is mother and younger idiot by the Robin Hood statue. Is this my contribution to the future of the world?

Somehow, he looks very Canadian. All he needs is a check shirt . . .