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Christmas Stamps

Modern Life and the Cost of Postage

Another day, another post to write.

My sister recently told me about a visit to the bank where they now expect you to establish your place in the queue by use of a QR Code. Modern phones have them, as do modern phone owners. I haven’t bothered to connect my five-year-old phone to the internet and still think that the late 19th century had a lot going for it, It’s almost superfluous to add that I have never used a QR Code and intend, if at all possible, never to use one. I have reached 63 without them and don’t see why they are suddenly so popular. I feel the same way about bungee jumping, incense and colonic irrigation too.

We went on the Ashmolean Museum website a couple of nights ago. Not for any intellectual reason – Julia had seen something she liked in the shop. I ordered it and pressed the button for postage. – nearly £9. I swallowed hard, but it was a Christmas present . . .

Then Julia came to life.

“Nine pounds, you’re not paying that. I’ll look for something else.”

It is a bit high for P&P, but having just paid a London Auction £12 for postage and packing I am toughened to this sort of thing.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I searched the internet and found the same item £2 cheaper and with P&P £6 cheaper. Not only have I secured her Christmas present, but I have saved £8 –  a true win-win situation.

Sorry about this turning into a post of postage and packing but we’ve just been told off by an eBay customer for our high postage costs. It’s been a burning topic since I first did mail order, in a time well before eBay. People don’t like paying for it, and they certainly don’t like paying for the materials and time that goes into packing things properly. However, they don’t like it when things get lost or broken either.

And with that thought, I will go and have my tea.