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Soup, Squash and Stings

Julia walked down to the local shop this afternoon and on the way back an insect (a wasp or bee we think) flew in between her glasses and her face, got stuck, panicked and, as she tried to get the glasses off, stung her just below the eye.

She is currently swollen, uncomfortable and nursing a grudge against all winged insects.

I made roasted butternut squash for tea and we had a tuna mayonnaise sandwich with it, but it doesn’t seem to have made her feel any better. It’s automatically elevated as it’s her head, I have administered antihistamine cream and painkillers and I can do no more.  I did offer her a cold compress but it was declined.

I’m not sure how it will go tonight, as she is clearly going to have trouble if she tries to sleep on her left side.

It was a simple soup, by the way – roasted squash, softened onions, water, stock cubes and garlic. I don’t subscribe to all these recipes with cream and butter and other stuff.

Fortunately, the rest of the day was better. I wasn’t keen on the bit where they had five unsuccessful attempts at taking a blood sample (I’m off to phlebotomy on Friday morning – they will get it) but it improved after that – picked up my pills, went to work to pick up my phone (I’d left it there last night) and had lunch at KFC. In the early evening my new medication arrived by courier and the ASDA delivery arrived promptly and without substitutions. This is more than you can say for recent TESCO deliveries, which have been annoyingly patchy and badly organised.

That’s about it really. I had intended transcribing a lot of poetry from my notebooks to the computer but I ended up watching TV instead. It’s not one of my favourite jobs and I always seem able to find something as a displacement activity. I have plans for a lot of submissions next month (which is just seven minutes from the time of writing) and need to up my game.

The picture is an 1806 farthing of George III – just a random coin picture from the year that saw the funeral of Admiral Nelson, the death of Pitt the Younger and the Delicate Investigation into the life of Caroline of Brunswick, who was a problem Princess of Wales.  Some things, it seems, don’t change.

Reverse of the 1806 farthing – note that Britannia now has a trident in place of her spear – a symbol of growing Naval power.