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A Perplexing Number. And Bran Flakes.

It seems that I have had 640 visits today, and it’s only just after 5pm. I knew something was up when I found I had two of those messages about “Your stats are booming”. I have never had two together before. One was for 62 hourly views and the other was for 152. My average rate is one per hour.

I’ve still only had a handful of comments so I suspect something is at fault. I’ve either used a keyword which means something completely different to my intention (leading to crowds of people looking and being disappointed) or a switch jammed open on WP.

I’m currently showing 821 visitors, which means I’ve had 181 in the last ten minutes. Visitor numbers? Twelve. With three likes and three comments. I suppose someone could be reading 100s of posts after running out of books and laundry labels whilst incarcerated in a wordless jail. But it seems unlikely.

For now, I’m going to mull that over as I watch TV. Then I may have a little nap and finish posting. By then I will probably find that everyone is having the same figure thrown at them and it is one of those WP foibles we so often see before a major (improvement.

Actually, I may as well crank the count up to 250 and post before leaving. I also have cereal to order before going to watch TV. I have negotiated with Julia and she has agreed we can have Bran Flakes next time, instead of the eternal wheat biscuits. They are all very well but they can be a bit slow to go down when you are late for work and Julia has applied her usually parsimonious portion of milk to the bowl. Yet when I apply tea to make it slide down more easily I am accused of un-natural practices. I won’d use that as a keyword as it’s bound to cause trouble if I do. . .

Of course, it might be the bear pictures bringing them in.