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A very short post

Sorry I disappeared so abruptly.  I wasn’t feeling very well as finished my last post and after closing down and going to bed I started shivering. The next day I found I couldn’t speak because I didn’t remember the words I wanted. Fortunately I’ve had it before so I didn’t panic. It’s phlebitis, an inflammation of the lower leg. It’s been sore for few weeks but I ignored it. I won’t provide a link to the relevant pages as they make it seem far more dramatic than it really is.

So, sorry for my abrupt departure and sorry for all the brief answers to comments.

I’m going to b away for a few more days but hope to be all fixed early next week.

Just a Quick Note

This isn’t the main post of the day but I just wanted to let people know while I thought about it.

I’ve just been looking at comments and managed to put one into trash by ill-disciplined use of my bunch of banana-like fingers. When I went to retrieve it, I thought I’d have a quick look at Spam and found eight comments, made over the last two days, had ended up in Spam. I took them out of there but now can’t find them.

So, if you have commented in the last few days and have not had an answer please accept my apologies. If I find them I will reply, if I don’t please don’t think you are being ignored – you have merely been WordPressed.

The featured image is plums again. That’s because after Plum Tart for two nights we are moving on to plum pie tonight. This is on top of several other plum confections and  a large number of loose plums,. We have also given a lot away. Yes, it’s been a good plum year this year. Next year will probably be a bad one. However, at the moment I even see plums when I close my eyes to sleep.

A Developing Downward Trend

Sorry everyone, I’ve been in poor form regarding writing posts (and even worse form for reading) over the last week or two.

I’m hoping for an improvement over the next day or two, though the way things are going I’m not going to promise too much. I will, I’m sure, be getting rid of the stinking cold that Julia passed on to me and, with any luck I will be able to sneak in a scone or two. This should do a bit to lift the mood.

The downward trend started last week and has persisted. Today’s events were my camera developing a fault and my computer unilaterally, and unexpectedly, uninstalling Word.

You know that things are bad when even inanimate objects hate you.

This is not the end of my bad patch. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning, as Churchill said. I took some photos of Churchill coins this afternoon so this is fresh in my mind.


I’ve titled the photos with links to see if it generates any business. If it doesn’t work try this one for the Royal Mint two-coin set, and this one for the Alderney four coin set.

Sorry about the black spots, it’s something stuck in the camera viewfinder and I couldn’t get the editor to work.