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Julia as Lifeguard – Britannia Pier, Great Yarmouth

I knew I had some photos of Julia sticking her head through the hole of a “stick your head through a hole in a board with a humorous design” board. I’m sure they have a slightly crisper name but I can’t think of it.

We have some with the board she designed herself – the farmer from Quercus Community, but I can find them at the moment.

And another one.Β 

I managed to finish my paper flag display and it looked quite reasonable. Unfortunately the speaker had brought so much stuff, in an attempt to sell his book and postcard stock, that there wasn’t much room for member displays. I had several people look, and at the end a couple asked if I could bring it back next time, as there had been so much to see this time that they hadn’t been able to have a good look.

And again . . .

The talk was quite interesting, being a “Then and Now” look at various sites round Nottingham, comparing the modern view with the Edwardian view. Some of the “Now” photos were cunningly shot and it had clearly taken a lot of effort to track down some of the views. My particular favourites were two pubs by the riverside. In Edwardian times they ran ferries and all the Edwardian photographer did was to take the ferry across, take the shot and take the ferry back. Using public footpaths, the modern journey to the correct viewpoint was a lot more onerous in 2022. One railway station, long closed and demolished, remains as a piece of waste ground. It is only accessible these days by taking a train and photographing on the move.

Southwold Pier

The main talking point of the evening will be the breakdown of technology. The flat screen we use wouldn’t take the presentation. We suspect it cannot cope with all the images. It would show one or two then close down and restart. Forrtunately, the speaker had seven copies of the book with him so we sat round in small huddles looking at the pictures in the books as he talked us through it.

Sometimes you don’t need all that technology.

Pictures are of Julia, as mentioned. Apart from the poppy brooch. And the stomp. The brooch is made from safety pins and beads.

Poppy Brooch – beads and safety pins


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    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Yes, she can turn her hand to most things apart from car maintenance. To be fair, I haven’t understood cars for the last thirty years either. πŸ™‚

      Yes, I was happy to be asked.

  1. Lavinia Ross

    I hope you can find the the “farmer from Quercus Community” photo. Looks like you and Julia had a great time creating these photos. πŸ™‚

    The brooch made from safety pins is quite inventive, and beautiful. Is that something you or Julia made?


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