Holiday – Day 8 – The Final Day

Beach Huts at Southwold, Suffolk

Subtitle – Bronchitis, Beach Huts and Boredom

I’m a bit tired today. You can tell this because I slept through the alarm without noticing it. When I did get up I found a grey day waiting and, several hours later nothing much has changed. It has been grey, it has been wet, is has been almost sunny and now it is wet again. A pigeon is perching on the top of the garden fence, I was tempted to call it disgruntled, but it actually looks quite calm. I’m the disgruntled one. Raining, back to work, what’s to be happy about? Well, Julia is making a bacon sandwiches as a late breakfast, so it’s not all bad.ย  Actually, going back to work isn’t that bad, as I like my job. Mainly. And, as I have no plans to go outside today, the rain is a matter of indifference. Maybe I should cheer up and count my blessings.

Perhaps I’m just tired from last night. It was a bit ofย  marathon journey which, amongst other things, fighting my way past King’s Lynn with a sat-nav that is not only out of date, but in one case gave me the wrong information. I also had to trail along behind a couple of tractors and trailers at different times, find that a road I normally use has been closed by roadworks wait twenty minutes for 5 trains to pass on the East Coast Main Line, thread my way through Grantham (A1 closed overnight for yet more roadworks). What chance of a route involving two road closures? It was a long slow tip, though by using the country roads we were able to get a good view of a hare by the roadside. Even better, I get to use the word lagomorph. That’s not a word I get much chance to use.

Photos are from yesterday. It was not the sort of day you would confuse with summer. In Australia they have sharks and skin cancer as hazards on the beach. We have to contend with bronchitis and boredom.

Toilet on the beach at Weybourne. It is not as interesting as it sounds.

With its own Post Code. However, I note it shares the Post Code with the Village Hall. Don’t get them confused.

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  1. jodierichelle

    “In Australia they have sharks and skin cancer as hazards on the beach. We have to contend with bronchitis and boredom.” This made me laugh out loud.


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