Day 3 – World Peace

Day 1 and Day 2 of my plan are done.

Day 3 “Probably write an informative piece about world peace. Though possibly not that informative, and possibly a different subject.” Has not yet come to fruition as I seem to have gone straight to Day 5 “Don’t blog. Watch TV.”

In some contexts it is good to make faster progress than anticipated, but in the case of this plan I feel this may not be the an accurate representation of success.

So it’s back to Day 3 and a discussion on World Peace. I’ve spent several days thinking about it and have reluctantly come to the conclusion that we will never achieve it. We may as well just start an arms race and lay waste to the Earth. As Einstein is reputed to have said “I don’t know what weapons the Third World War will be fought with, But the Fourth will be fought with sticks and stones.”

Sometimes you just can’t help a world which won’t listen.

This, of course, won’t be an easy policy to sell.

As a gentler choice, I would like to push the benefits of renewable energy. If there is no need for fossil fuels we might be able to preserve the world a little longer and make World Peace something worth having. We would also remove the question of oil from politics. We all have access to wind and sunlight, which should make things simpler.

It would, of course, be harder to impose sanctions on producers of oil (Russia, being a case in point). But it would be simpler in other ways, as Europe would not have become reliant on Russian gas. I blunder through life as a happy idiot, but even I could see that importing gas from Russia was bound to be  problem eventually. Importing energy is a bad policy, full stop.

And there you have my policy for World Peace – more renewable energy. Politicians will then have to find something else to quarrel about. I predict water will be the one, so let’s start desalinating now, before Water War 1 breaks out.

This is officially “Day 3” for planning purposes, for those of you who are keeping count.

The picture choice? When the whole world is left in ruins, we will still have soup.

13 thoughts on “Day 3 – World Peace

  1. Lavinia Ross

    Add my vote for you in there, too. Resources of all kinds – energy, food, water, shelter, medicine – will always be a potential excuse for war.

    Creating the diversion of getting the common folk to fight amongst themselves over resources and personal beliefs, and using that to the advantage of obtaining or retaining power, is an old system of control by the few that has worked for millennia. Modern man is no wiser.

  2. tootlepedal

    You have my vote too. (Why builders are permitted to go on building energy inefficient houses requiring excessive central heating is one of the great mysteries of life.)

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Not sure about American tanks but British ones are fitted with food boilers (we need a lot of tea). Use them for soup and deliver it by pouring it down the gun barrel, what better way to stop a war?


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