Me versus The Rest of the World

I had a letter this evening when I returned home – BT are reducing the level of service I get from my email (which has been getting worse and worse anyway, and if I want it restoring it will cost me £7.50 a month. Note the level – they are all trying to charge £7 a month or so for email, Prime and subscriptions to various sites. They work on the basis that it isn’t much and it’s a small enough sum not to think too much about. However, by the time you have three or four of them in force it starts to mount up. There are plenty of free email services still available, so I’ll leave before I’ll pay. This is particularly true as it’s been triggered by me changing from BT Broadband to BT Fibre Optic. They made me change and now they are making me suffer for it.  I didn’t want to change., it was forced on me. Now I have an ongoing dispute about the bill after they failed to organise the changeover as they promised, and a lesser email service. It’s becoming increasingly difficult not to swear.

The solicitor spent all day not addressing my queries. late on in the afternoon I had an answer fro one of my emails, which was just to repeat what he’d asked for before. That’s not really an answer, just an arrogant repetition of something I have questioned, as if I’m going to fall for the old repetition trick. I’m a parent, the pester factor hasn’t worked for years. He has one more chance to come through with an answer. After that I may send my first drafts instead of editing down to the polite bones.

The other email got no answer. They continue to breach their own data protection policy. Their problem, not mine.

It was not  good day. but even a bad day at work beats a day of unemployment.

8 thoughts on “Me versus The Rest of the World

  1. tootlepedal

    You have my entire sympathy. What with being rung up every day by people trying to swindle you and failing to get good service from people who should be looking after you, life can be very hard to bear sometimes.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      It’s a sad comment on the uselessness of BT Staff hen they drive people to this extreme. We once had 45 minutes discussing a billing problem with a woman who, in the end, turned out to have no idea how her own billing system worked. Frustrating.


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