Carrot Soup, Curry and Cushions

The day is nearly over and I have completed the first draft of the new villanelle I discussed a couple of days ago.  It’s still a bit rough around the edges but it now has all the lines and all the rhymes it needs. The lines are nearly ll the right length, and the rhymes nearly all work, so it’s coming closer to being ready and looks quite like a poem.

I spoke to a bird watcher I know a few days ago and told him about the kites we saw on our drive through Northamptonshire. He was unimpressed. He’s only been doing it for around a year and he has never known the kite as a rare bird. What is a thing of wonder to me is a commonplace event to him. It’s strange what a difference twenty years can make.

After a lazy day, we had sweet potato and chickpea curry, which was quite tasty. It tasted all the better for being the culmination of a plan, and was quite an easy meal – just needing warming up to be ready. I am at work tomorrow and have just made sandwiches using the mackerel paste I made on Thursday. Tomorrow Julia will have the rest of the carrot and parsnip soup for lunch. Not sure about tea, but e will then have the leftover curry. We won’t have it for tea, I expect, because Julia has a fixation about not having the same thing twice in a row. Women, in my experience, are like that.

As a child I once expressed an opinion that I wished I could eat nothing but cheese and pickle sandwiches for the rest of my life. My mother said i would soon tire of them if that was all I had. I wasn’t convinced. Sixty years later I am still happy to have them every lunchtime, but my digestion does require me to take a break every few weeks, at which point I try something else for a while. We’ve just had a couple of weeks of tuna mayonnaise, corned beef and now mackerel paste, but I still find it hard to beat cheese and pickle.

I honestly believe that is one of the main differences between women and men. They like cushions, children and variety in their menus, wheres I could happily live without all that frippery.

And just like my food, I have little difficulty in reworking old titles and photos.

10 thoughts on “Carrot Soup, Curry and Cushions

  1. tootlepedal

    I dabbled with poetry as a youth but always found that someone had stolen my idea and written a better poem first. I found it very hard not to copy other poets! I admire your ability to come up with new ideas. We eat exactly the same breakfast every day but we do vary our other meals.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Our breakfast is much the same 5 days a week but on Saturdays I rush out of the house grabbing whatever I can anbd on Sunday we often have brunch.

      I’m not sure all my ideas are new, but recycling is all the rage . . . 🙂

  2. derrickjknight

    An interesting post. You may remember we have lots of pigeons in our garden. I seldom photograph them because they have always been familiar to me. I have had to persuade `Jackie that it is good to have the same meal twice running. We always buy enough takeaways for 2 days. I could never be bothered with all those rules for poetry. I never got beyond the iambic pentameter. Now I favour poetic prose.

  3. Lavinia Ross

    Sweet potato and chickpea curry sounds good! I make something like that, but it has kale and onion in it too.

    Best wishes on the new villanelle. It will be a good one!


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