Snow, Swans, Superglue

In the end, the snow settled, even if it was a bit wet and half-hearted. It was less evident by the time I arrived at work (it’s always less snowy at that side of town) and by the time we closed it was a bright sunny day with no snow. We do, unsurprisingly, have a touch of snow remaining round the house – shade and a northern aspect hindering the thaw.

I saw two swans flying over on the way to work this morning, and, on he way back from work, saw a cormorant flying over. Judging from its direction of flight it was aiming for the lakes at the Jubilee Campus. I suspect the fish are growing to a decent size as the lakes become more mature.

Did I mention I got some pension documents through the post earlier in the week? I had some more today. Retirement, which had been seeming quite distant, is now a lot closer. Part of this is that although I have over a year until I retire, my work pension is available in a few months. This is what happens when the government tinkers with systems. In the next few months I will be making some important decisions.

One plan I am considering is gathering all my cash together and sticking it all on red for a single spin of the roulette wheel. If it goes well I will have a more comfortable old age. If it comes up black I’m in deep trouble.

After yesterday’s post we had one of those married couple discussions. We have agreed to add superglue to the list of things I am not allowed to handle unless under supervision. If she reads this I’ll probably find that roulette tables have been added too.

14 thoughts on “Snow, Swans, Superglue

  1. tootlepedal

    I was reading sad stories about the collapse of value in some pensions after the unfortunate affair of Liz Truss. I hope that yours is not affected.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      A about ten years ago I had a letter telling me no to worry as the trustees were sure sure they could get the money back before I needed it (company takeover and creative accounting came into the story).

      It has rallied and, considering my lack of pension planning, I have done better than I deserve. We won’t be rich in retirement but we should still be able to afford food, thermal vets and WP subscriptions after retirement.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Luck, as any gambler will tell you, will be better next time. I just won £2.30 on the Euromillions – another 20p and I would have got my ticket money back. Is this an omen? 🙂


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