Is there anything you feel too old to do anymore?

I’m going to use the prompt this time. I feel too old to think of a new title for myself.

I’m also too old to train for a new career, or even look for a new job. Nobody needs a cripple with a bad attitude. Admittedly I could hide the attitude long enough to get through the interview but the fact I can’t walk without sticks is a bit of a giveaway  regarding my lack of mobility.

To be honest, I felt too old to train for a new career ten years ago. I did have a try at training to become a teaching assistant but after being told my Maths and English skills weren’t up to it compared to all the teenage girls they were signing up (and signing up to do basic literacy courses at the same time) I decided to give it a miss. I’ve mentioned that before so I won’t go on.

The bottom fell out of the TA market as schools had to tighten up on budgets so I probably didn’t miss much.

However, I’m not too old to have a laugh or eat takeaway food or drive my wife mad, so it’s not all bad being old. You can get away with a lot, and you’re never too old to have fun. I should probably add a link to a poem here. I think this one will do nicely, though it is not a surprising choice. Apologies for my lack of adventure. I would have chosen this one, but it would only serve to allow me to name drop.

Did I mention I once had a poem published in a magazine on the page facing one by Roger McGough? It is still one of the highpoints of my poetic career.

I just watched Crocodile Dundee after a break of over 30 years. It seems to have worn quite well and I enjoyed it. This proves more about my simplicity than the quality for the film, but it just goes to show, that you’re never too old to have a laugh.

Time for tea now. Pie and mash. As I said, I am a simple soul.

12 thoughts on “Is there anything you feel too old to do anymore?

  1. Laurie Graves

    Because of arthritis, I, too, have limited mobility. Luckily, my bucket list consists of reading and writing. Fairly modest, I know, but there it is. Add some chocolate, movies, and television series and you have a lot of simple pleasures.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      It sounds good. If people really want to go swimming with sharks, bungee jumping or bobsleighing they should do it while they are young. Reading, writing and chocolate – a faultless selection.

  2. Lavinia Ross

    Funny thing, I was becoming more fond of purple, and red, myself. 🙂 Advancing age changes some of the options available, but it is an adventure all its own, with new possibilities and fewer restrictions in some respects. Approach it with a sense of wonder, and one can see life through a child’s eyes again.


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