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No Time . . .

Sorry, I’ve become unreliable again. I’m having to devote too much energy to  problems in real life (as opposed to the bowdlerised version I present in the blog). One, which I can discuss now, is sciatica. Some heat, some stretching and some attention to my seating arrangements have improved it after two weeks of problems and I’m happy that I’m on the way to recovery.

The other is annoying, frustrating, but essentially trivial matter at work, which has been annoying me, and preventing me from concentrating, for the last few days. This is something and nothing, and the annoyance at being unable to shake it off is actually greater than the annoyance at the situation. However, that’s work, and has no place in my blog apart from a passing comment.

Sometimes, like when I had two boundary disputes with neighbours and a collapsing chimney stack, you just have to work through them carefully and persistently. In the end, all three problems were resolved and though one of the neighbours was annoyed with me, nothing bad happened. The one who was annoyed really had no reason for it – I won’t go over the details as it still irritates me.

This morning I got a new acceptance, so that’s good. Three of last months submissions were competitions, so I won’t get any sort of answer for months yet, probably never, as they disappear into the black hole that is the fate of most competition entries. Of the other four I now have two acceptances and am waiting for two. It compensates fro my other problems in some way – I’m still in pain and I’m still annoyed, but at least I am also grinning while all that is happening.

My current energy is devoted to catching up on reading blogs (with limited success I’m afraid), reading Laurie’s latest book  (I’m only two months late) and thinking about starting the presentation on medallions. That’s about ten days away and I really must start.

In fact I will go and start now . . .

12 thoughts on “No Time . . .

  1. tootlepedal

    That medallion talk is really creeping close now. I hope that you can get a good start. My mother used to say, well begun is half done, but she wasn’t very good at maths. She had a point though.

    I know exactly what you mean about worrying about not being able to stop worrying so you have my full sympathy there.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      I think you r mother is right in that if I gather all my scattered thoughts and write them down, the talk suddenly takes shape. As long as I have a script I can do it with half a dozen slides if necessary – 60 ifI have time. As soon as we have finished breakfast (my next job)I will attend to it. Just 8 days mow . . .

  2. arlingwoman

    I hope the pain goes away soon. Sometimes you’re best solving those things on your own. As for work, it can really get to you sometimes. And congrats on another acceptance!!!

  3. Lavinia Ross

    Congratulations on the acceptances, Simon. I hope the problems at work will pass or be resolved quickly, and peacefully. Keep smiling!

    My mother had sciatica in her later years, but it was due to spinal stenosis.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      My first fear was that tis was linked to the arthritis in spine and pelvic regions but I thought about it, adjusted my seating and seem to be improving. If not, I can ask the rheumatologist in March.

      Old age, eh?

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      hank you. Yes, no matter how bad other things are, and no matter how much I tell myself it’s just a matter of luck, I still feel happy every time I am accepted. Fortunately I have become less sensitive to rejection over the years, so that is a less miserable experience than it used to be. 🙂


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