Hard Times of Old England

To me, the week between Christmas and New Year has always been a strange time. The presents are done, I can go back to disliking my fellow men with a clear conscience and there is nothing left to do apart from wait for the forced jollity of the New Year.

I’d be happy to start the New Year on Boxing Day and get back to work, but tradition means we have to wait a week. Historically we celebrated the Twelve Days of Christmas, but as there was no TV and no annual holidays I suppose you needed a good feast. When we think of life as historical characters we rarely think of ourselves as peasants do we? Dirty, downtrodden and destined to die young, it’s not really a life that holds any appeal to me. But life as a courtier, with all its pox and politics is hardly more attractive. If I was able to go back in time I’d not want to go back far – some time with anaesthetic, antibiotics and civilised dentistry would do me nicely.

Anyway, here I am, with a laptop and one earphone in. I’ve listened to Feelgood and am now making my predictable way through all the old favourites. I don’t do carols, and I’m very predictable. I really should listen to some modern music. If they ever write any that’s worth listening to i may try it. I’m going to put both earphones in now and listen to a group of old blokes knocking out a song about the state of the nation whilst fronted by a woman who looks like a member of the Women’s Institute. Ah, the Rock and Roll lifestyle. The song comes from the eighteenth century, which tends to support my view that we don’t need modern music. Sadly it also supports my view that there is nothing new in politics and that we will never learn to stop fighting wars.

Now I’m going to go through and do family stuff.

19 thoughts on “Hard Times of Old England

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  2. Helen

    Yes, we can romanticise the past but it is unlikely to have been better than now! Thinking about how hard life used to be, it’s amazing our forebears actually survived to enable our current existence.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Yes, at one time you could only get fruit when it was ins season and if you wanted to get in touch with someone you had to write a letter and ait, or maybe go to a building with a phone in it. Such different days! 🙂

      Happy New Year.

      1. Helen

        I managed to nod off whilst watching BBC iPlayer – I dislike the live new year stuff. Celebrating the new year is well over-rated in my opinion.

      1. quercuscommunity Post author

        It’s still a more exciting life than I have. I have been banned from dancing for many years now – clumsy, completely without rhythm and possessing few inhibitions were three of the kinder reasons. :-0

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