Wednesday and an Uninspired Title

It’s fairly early in the morning and it’s a day off. It should be a perfect time to sit in front of  a blank screen and stress about the fact I just said I was going to produce a book of poetry this year. Unfortunately I am off to be prodded by a nurse. That would have been quite an attractive prospect thirty years ago, but nowadays it is one of the worst horrors imaginable. The stress will be the same but the result will be less useful.

It will start, unless I’m lucky in my choice of nurse, with some embarrassing and condescending questions, then descend into bullying. The whole thing will be aimed at ticking boxes and at no time will I be asked about my thoughts on anything.

No, I don’t take proper care of myself, but on the other hand, when I’ve been sent to nutritionists or weight loss courses I’ve rarely learned anything and my respect for NHS Staff has gradually been eroded. As I think I told you, I was once told to eat ready meals from the supermarket as I should be eating earlier in the evening and coming home from work to prepare fresh ingredients meant I was eating too late.

I gave up smoking and drinking and now they want me to give up eating. The next step is clear as we move on t a sci-fi future – Logan’s Run, and Soylent Green.

Anyway, my timer just went and I have to go for my appointment. I will post this to make sure I don’t miss another day and get on with my busy day of prodding and Christmas errands.

Correction – I didn’t get it posted and am now doing it after returning home and having breakfast.  Going shopping with Julia now, then off to see friends in their shop before lunch.


6 thoughts on “Wednesday and an Uninspired Title

  1. Lavinia Ross

    I believe it was late actor David Carradine who offered the rule of thumb in one of his books to eat “80% well 80% of the time” He felt this was a reasonable standard attainable by most folks, and would generally get one through life. Unfortunately, he had other serious problems, and died prematurely.

    Soylent Green was a classic! We may be headed there. 🙂 I only saw the TV series Logan’s Run, not the movie.


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