Early(ish) one morning

Last night I went to bed a t a reasonable time, slept reasonably well and, around 5.30 found myself lying in bed ordering if it was time to get up. It wasn’t, I decided. It was cold, dark and definitely time to go back to sleep. I did this for a while, then decided to get up anyway. It’s now 8.05 and I have already answered my comments and eaten a large plate of scrambled eggs. The egg shortage seems to be over for now and they are a great source of protein and other good stuff.

I note that Derrick Knight is also up and about because he answered my answers to his comments.

I thought I’d knock out a blog post before setting off for work so I don’t need to worry about doing one tonight. I’ve been getting steadily worse at blogging reliably, which is one of the reasons I decided that writing before breakfast might be a good idea.

The new issue of Drifting Sands HaibunΒ  (or dsh as it is generally styled) is out now. I am, of course, telling you this, because I have a piece in there and, as it’s an on-line journal, I can provide a link.

I’ve done that dreadful writer thing. Last night I remembered to check if it was on-line, went straight to my own piece. Read it. Read the editor’s comments and started doing something else. Today I read one poem and posted the link on my blog. I think this is one of the reasons I am not writing so freely at the moment – not enough reading. Unfortunately with Christmas and various other things (my talk on medallions is only two months away and I haven’t really got much shape in it yet) my reading time seems limited. I must do something about that.

However, my life is full of good intentions and rather short of actual results.

And on that note, I will potter off to work and pack some parcels.

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    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Thank you Laurie. The editor originally asked for a rewritten poem as he didn’t like the first version. He didn’t like the second version either, but took half of each one and we used that. πŸ™‚


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