Broken Britain or Political Parasite?

This morning I watched a bit of TV, where one of the new-style social media personalities  was pursuing her career as political commentator, writer and some other smoke and mirrors words which all add up to parasite. Her mantra is “this country is broken”. She hasn’t really got a solution but she does have dual nationality. My advice would be to use this and live in the other country, which is Italy. Seems a nice country, warm, full of good food, Roman ruins and generally friendly people.

Strangely, she hasn’t done this. Of course, Italy, apart from its other advantages, has just elected a woman as Prime Minister so is clearly a forward-looking nation. It’s just a shame that the woman in question has, amongst other things, said on TV “I think Mussolini was a good politician. Everything he did, he did for Italy.” Could it be that Italy might be a little broken too?

Anyway, after that I blogged (catching up on yesterday) and went to the doctor where I had a blood test. It didn’t go well and the inside of my elbows were left looking like they’d been attacked by a vampire with a knitting needle.  I spent some time in a waiting room where a mother allowed her maskless child to run round and cough without putting its hand over its mouth. She was too busy to exert parental control as her telephone conversation was taking all her time.

Then I decided I really ought to do something about my flu vaccination. Doctors don’t seem to do much of that these days, so I asked at the pharmacist. They fitted me in and twenty minutes later (ten of which were spent sitting to ensure I was OK after the vaccination) I was back out and able to go for lunch with Julia.

The UK might be creaking under the strain, but it didn’t seem broken this morning.  This view, I suppose, may be why I don’t have a TV career as a political commentator.

The header picture is a reminder that I’m back to work tomorrow after my short break. I have enjoyed it. I may enjoy returning to work too. You never know.

6 thoughts on “Broken Britain or Political Parasite?

  1. Ann Coleman

    I live in the US, and we hear similar mantras all the time. (To be fair, our political situation isn’t exactly tidy.) We also tend to compare ourselves unfavorably with other countries, and I sometimes I can’t help but think, “if you think it’s so much better in Country X, why not just move there?” But staying and complaining seems to be the way to go…and gets people lots of attention, too. Nice post!!!


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