Dentists, Drills and Dread

Dentist tomorrow – not something I’m looking forward to, though the difficulty parking is taking more space in my thoughts than the possible pain from the filling. I’ve generally found that they don’t hurt a lot in the hands of a competent dentist. Unfortunately, it’s my experience with the incompetent ones that I tend to rem,ember. I once had a dentist that terrified me. To be fair, she wasn’t keen on me and told me that “people like me” required special treatment and medication (sedatives) because we were so scared of the dentist.

I asked a friend of mine who knew about dentistry and he identified the problem as her lack of skill in placing the anaesthetic. I went to another dentist and was able to have the work done painlessly. In fact, after blocking one side and doing the filling, he asked if he could work on the replacement filling on the other side without anaesthetic. As it allowed me to escape another appointment I said yes, and he drilled out and replaced a filling without anaesthetic and without pain. I took that as proof that the terrifying woman (who was clearly fresh out of college) was the cause of our problem, not me.

That’s enough about dentists.

We had a normal day at work – several parcels to be sent off, several orders coming in during the afternoon, several enquiries that came to nothing and that was about the lot. It’s one of those days that promised little and lived up to expectations.

Featured image is a Boris Johnson “banknote”. Look on it as a taster for a post later in the week.


8 thoughts on “Dentists, Drills and Dread

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      There is a woman I once met in the newsagent – she couldn’t understand why her husband and son were scared of the dentist – it turns out she never feels pain at the dentist. She was surprised to find that some people do. Lucky woman.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Thank you. I will put my brave face on and imagine that I am in sunlit woodlands in springtime. I have also found that gripping the armrests and whimpering works well . . . 🙂


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