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15 Minutes

The title is the time I have allotted myself to write this post. I have been using my time to sit with Julia in the evenings rather than sit in the dining room typing. It seems a slightly better use of my time at the moment. After 33 years of marriage you start to think (I do anyway) about the barren wasteland that would stretch out in front of you if you didn’t have a wife. So, as I’d like to stay married I am being a caring and solicitous husband. It will pass, but until it does I am finding it difficult to fit blogging in. Sorry about that, I will answer all comments by tonight.

I watched a programme about Victoria Wood last night. I’ve seen it before, but it was better than most things that were on, and it finished at the same time as Forged in Fire began.

In the old days we had two Channels. They were in black and white and apart from Watch with Mother at lunch time the only daytime Tv was school programmes. Somehow it seems, looking back, to have been far more enjoyable and better quality than the multitude of stations and repeats and “reality TV” we have today. Personally, I’d be happy to spend much of the evening with it witched off but Julia puts it on for background noise and we never seem to switch off. Some of my best days recently were the ones in out early married days when the aerial was struck by lightning and the TV blew up. We did without one for 18 months (endured a number of letters from the Licensing Agency about not having a TV) and only got one for the start of Julia’s maternity leave.

I’ll leave it there as my time is up and the shop beckons.


13 thoughts on “15 Minutes

  1. jodierichelle

    I remember the old TV days too. We had Channels PBS, NBC, CBS and ABC, we also had 17, 29, and 48, which were a different kind of thing, but I forget what they were called.

    The best things back then were the specials that would come on once a year: The Sound of Music, A Charlie Brown Christmas, Rudolph . . . We’d pay attention to when they were on and would gather around to watch as a family. Now it doesn’t matter.

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  3. Lavinia Ross

    Simon, you will have to explain, “We did without one for 18 months (endured a number of letters from the Licensing Agency about not having a TV) “, for those not familiar with the system over there. Why would they send you letters?


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