Chancellors, Cuts and Citizenship

I had a look through some old drafts while thinking about a subject for today. I had 88. I now have 83. Really I shouldn’t have any, but I get attached to my false starts and slightly imperfect ramblings. I may go back and get rid of more, but it’s like clearing cupboards – always the temptation to put it back for later.

One of the newer ones includes a selection of thoughts on poetry, elephant’s graveyards, the racist boys adventure stories of my youth. It wasn’t too bad but it did tempt me into territory. where my old-fashioned view of life might get me into trouble. Another has been in progress for two years and  a third was just a link to something I was thinking of writing about. Strange how my house, my brain and my computer are all run on the same basis – clutter and the products of procrastination.

I’m going to go back now and ruthlessly prune . . .

That didn’t quite go according to plan. Eight hours later I am now having a look at the work I left undone. Instead of pruning like a machine, I finished writing the post about Private Dunkerley’s Plaque. I also find, that as the Home Secretary has resigned today, in a cloud of confusion and stupidity. If you can’t tell the difference between your own email account and the government’s email account it’s probably just as well you aren’t trusted with any important decisions. Just imagine if she had control of the nuclear button. Actually, don’t. It’s not a good thing to think of just before bed.

I will post this, rather than add it to the list of drafts. It is either the second post of yesterday or the first post of today, depending on my mood. Of course, if you aren’t reading it on the day of publication, it will be neither.

The pictures are of the medallion given to people by Harrow Council after their citizenship ceremonies. I bought it from eBay for 1p. It doesn’t have a  date on it, so it doesn’t really fit in my cheap medallion collection, but for a penny I thought I’d have a go.

Harrow Citizenship Medal.

14 thoughts on “Chancellors, Cuts and Citizenship

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  2. Lavinia Ross

    I’ve been running from one thing to another the last few days, but news from your homeland made it through to me. I wish the U.K. best of luck going forward.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Agreed. She seems to have fallen from grace and landed slap bang in the middle of another bid for leadership. I wouldn’t trust most of them with a biscuit tin, let along a country.

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