A Good Soup Day

Time is slipping by and my good intentions are going with it. They always do. Julia cooked again tonight, or, to be accurate, heated up the soup she made yesterday and made egg mayonnaise sandwiches. We have enough filling to make egg sandwiches tomorrow too.

The soup was carrot and squash (carrots from ASDA, squash from a neighbour). It had quite a lot of chilli in it. It was spicy enough to wake me up, but stayed within the bounds of acceptability. In my younger days I would test myself against chillies, but these days I prefer to enjoy my food rather than compete against it. It’s a little bit annoying when she hardly ever makes soup but just throws a few things together and makes it better than I do.

I will have to cook tomorrow, and am thinking of pizza. Not very adventurous, but we have pizza bases and I have no inspiration. We do have plenty of carrots though, so I may try something new. I don’t see why thin slices of root vegetable won’t work on pizza . . .

I may think about that before I try it. I have ordered our ASDA shopping for Friday and if we get parsnips this week I may try that pizza, though I may just try a vegetable bake instead. I can’t believe that I just said “if we get parsnips”. What sort of world is this? Are we back in 1940. We ran short of onions in 1940, you know,  It seems strange, but even in 1940 we were buying  a lot of food from abroad (as we were in 1914). It takes a war to make people concentrate on food security, then we let it all slip again. Of course, we now have so many people it would be difficult to feed everyone. Even if we could feed everyone it wouldn’t quite work as we couldn’t, for instance, grow rice. It seems we might, however, be able to grow durum wheat in the eastern counties and make our own pasta. (The hagberg number they talk about is a measure of its suitability for baking – the higher the better. It’s  a farmer thing. At harvest they talk of little else other than yield, moisture and hagbergs).

An older humorous postcard for today –  Great War vintage.


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  1. Laurie Graves

    Yes, great war-vintage postcard. That soup sounds delicious. I just finished reading Elizabeth Jane Howard’s Cazalet series, which are partly set in World II. Lots of rationing.


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