Starts with Stew and Finishes with Soup

I note my last post was number 2,800. I always like round numbers.

Yesterday Julia did some tidying while I was out. She rang me to tell me that she was half-way through, which worried me. However, when I got back she had moved all the furniture, put down the rug that had been rolled up at the edge of the room for years after we were given it, and put everything back. The room is brighter and the floor feels warmer but I was right – it is too big to fit properly. However, considering what the next winter is going to be like I think we need warmth more than a rug that fits. OK, I say “rug” but it’s more of a carpet. It’s easy to forget that carpets weren’t always fitted.

I’m giving up on the lottery. I had four wins at the weekend – two lots of £5 and two free tickets. I think each one was probably a win and the tickets were thrown in for free. I hope so, because if not I seem to have bough too many tickets. All that luck being squandered on winning just £10. I may as well save my money and use the luck on something else. Julia says it doesn’t work like that, but we gamblers know it does. I’m just glad that I’m not given to big-time gambling. All those smoky clubs and international jet-setting are not really me.

We had vegetable stew for tea last night. Then the woefully inadequate ASDA delivery arrived. Seven substitutions. One substitution was for 2 half kilo bags of carrots for a 1 kilo bag. Fair enough. Then they substituted parsnips with more carrots and swede with ready chopped swede (which always goes off so fast) and gave me rosemary for thyme. This might be OK in a traditional folk song but it’s no good for stews and we have a gardenful of rosemary. They sent us kale in place of leeks, which would have been a disappointing quiche, and 6 Free Range Eggs in place of 15 Economy eggs (telling us they had saved us money as the 6 eggs were 15p cheaper than the 15). I used the word “rip-off” when they sent me a customer satisfaction survey. Finally we were told there would be a bag of cauliflower florets in place of a cauliflower, but there wasn’t. There was a cauliflower.

How, I ask myself, can we be short of root vegetables. They are seasonal and many of them are grown within an hour’s drive of here. Something is going seriously wrong with the world when you can’t buy parsnips, swedes and leeks in autumn.

Tea tonight was curried vegetable soup. Or vegetable stew with curry powder, extra water and a quick application of the stick blender. It was cheap, quick and nutritious. And it makes “convenience foods” look quite time consuming. We had a mackerel sandwich with it, my concession to oily fish.

And those are some of the domestic details that I missed out of the last post. Header picture is soup from an October 2014 post.

12 thoughts on “Starts with Stew and Finishes with Soup

  1. tootlepedal

    You make me very glad that we still have a corner shop where you can actually see what is not there. However, the owner is muttering about retiring and then we will be in trouble.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Yes, we have seen several shops close round here in the last 30 years, and each small shop that goes is another friend moving out. The big shops are convenient but soulless.

  2. Lavinia Ross

    We are having some vegetable availability problems here around the valley, but much of that is due to the long, wet and cool spring, and delayed planting times. Some things did not do well under those conditions, either. So far, autumn has been mild, which may extend the season somewhat.

  3. LA

    I didn’t realize that lack of leeks was equivalent to the zombie apocalypse, but I guess when you think about lake quiche it’s all downhill from there

      1. quercuscommunity Post author

        Two of my sisters in law work or worked in ASDA, and they tell me the substitutions are done automatically by computer. Certainly, as I pointed out, aren’t done by a cook!

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