Coconuts, Curry and Customer Service

I thought I’d go for three posts today.

The day continued with coconut macaroons which Julia bought on her way home, plenty of tea and a takeaway curry. Yes, standards are declining. I meant to cook while she was out, but went to sleep in front of TV after lunch (I missed that bit out in the last post, I expect).

After that there was a bit more poetry, some computer games and a bit of TV. All in all the third part of the day was a little bereft of interest.

Apart from the recent issue of Blithe Spirit, the magazine of the British Haiku Society. I’ve had it a couple of days but only started to read it today. I’m not in it because I missed the cut-off date last time. I may, of course, not have been in it anyway, as nothing is guaranteed in these matters. (I’m not in the upcoming issue of The Haibun Journal either – and I did submit to them. I just didn’t make the cut. I report my successes, so it’s only fair I report some of the rejections too.)

Having said that, there are at least five haiku in Blithe Spirit which are familiar, as they are very close to things I have written. That’s good news in a way, as it means I must be on the right track. It’s also bad news, as I can’t submit mine now without looking like I’m plagiarising. This is a danger with a popular form of poetry with a long list of rules and a short list of subjects. And a small number of syllables – you aren’t going to find many elephants or mergansers in haiku – but plenty of frogs and crows. It’s all about the syllables.

More domestic, but still as important, my TESCO shopping order was a disappointment again. I had four things missing including bin bags, apples, toilet roll and something I forget. This is annoying, particularly as I like their toilet roll (it’s one of the reasons I persist with their second -class delivery system) and it was out of stock last month too. On the other hand, I did get four loaves of bread. I don’t know how that happened but it did seem to add things I hadn’t ordered this week. I spotted most of them but obviously didn’t spot the extra bread.

Fortunately, they did have the cheesy footballs so Christmas is safe.

The featured image is of a goat statue in Llandudno. We missed a good photo of one of the wild ones. Again, I really should post on the goats. But I don’t. I just bang on about poetry, customers and sleeping in front of the TV.

7 thoughts on “Coconuts, Curry and Customer Service

  1. tootlepedal

    Having the camera ready means carrying it draped round your neck and as that marks you out as a tourist, I never do it and am often caught out as a result. I am sorry that you missed the billy in the mist but it must still have been a fine sight to treasure in real life.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      It is – a large golden-haired goat with magnificent horns. Seen from ten yards and shrouded in mist. It’s probably better in my memory than it would be if caught in a photograph.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      It’s a possibility. The goats on the Great Orme are descended from goats given to Queen Victoria by the Shah of Persia. She gave a pair to Lord Mostyn. The billy we saw in the fog was magnificent, but we didn’t have the cameras ready . . .

  2. Lavinia Ross

    I like the goat statue photo. Is that a one horn goat or just the camera angle?

    I am sorry you are not able to submit those poems to Blythe Spirit now. As you say, at least it shows you are on the right track.


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