A Missed Day

Last night (or this morning, to be accurate) I followed my normal habit of falling asleep in front of the TV. Normally I can write a few hundred words on waking but this time I felt so tired and stiff that I went straight up to bed. Fortunately I had already made my sandwiches.  This stiffness has been a feature of this week for some reason – I woke in bed a few days ago with aches in my hands, arms and back and it seems to have become a fixture. I think I may have missed my medication last week, which may be the reason.

Normally I take my arthritis pills on Saturday night. I had to change the routine a few weeks ago and have become a little disorganised. I also have to start injecting myself fortnightly now that we are back from holiday and am going to have to keep a diary to make sure I get it right. You can easily lose a week when you aren’t concentrating.

Actually, you can easily lose a month when you aren’t concentrating, which is what I seem to have done. Once again I am deficient in material to submit, and struggling to write. This isn’t due to lack of inspiration, more to the fact that I find a laptop keyboard harder to write with than a normal one, just as I find a keyboard less good than a fountain pen.

I need to get a grip and start writing. I will make a start by writing an extra post on Sunday to make up for Friday.


11 thoughts on “A Missed Day

  1. tootlepedal

    I can absolutely sympathise with the problem of remembering to take your medicine and then when you have taken it, remembering that you have taken it so you don’t take it twice. The stiffness certainly makes it likely that you missed a dose (or two) but it does go to prove that the medicine is working. Life is not shy about kicking a man when he is down so I hope that you can organise a good medicine taking method.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      You are very brave. I have never dared expose my writing to a class. It is bad enough exposing my inner self to anonymous strangers. When I started blogging I would spend hours agonising over subject matter and what to say about it. Of course, in those days I imagined I would have thousands of followers rather than the dozen discerning readers which I actually have. 🙂

  2. Lavinia Ross

    Simon, I am sorry to hear you are feeling poorly. Hopefully once you get back into the routine things will be better. I have to keep reminding myself these bodies we all live in are the vehicles we use to get around and do the daily business of life. They have to be maintained and cared for, just like the family car. Sometimes we drive them too hard and forget to change the oil, and maybe a few other things, too.

    Keep writing using any implement available, whether it be pencil, pen or keyboard.


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