The Ideas Factory

In past times when I had an idea I would keep it and wait for the right time to use it. I didn’t have many, and there never seemed to be a good time to use them.

Then I made a discovery, there is no limit on ideas, I noticed this years ago, when I sat down and listed ideas of subjects for poetry. I had a list of over 90 ideas. Some worked, some didn’t. But the important thing was that I never managed to work my way through the list, demonstrating that I was capable of generating more ideas than I could handle.

It’s always tempting to mention a meeting I was once in when someone

Ideas, the more you have, the more you get. made the statement “I always see my main strength as having ideas, rather than carrying them out, so if you need ideas feel free to ask.”

Those of you who have been on organising committees will have met the sort. Long on ideas, short on industry. To be fair, she was being modest – self-publicity was her main talent, having ideas was a secondary. We never, of course, needed to ask her for a single idea, as we always had too many.

Oh, I seem to have written two paragraphs about the meeting. It must still be annoying me.

The post can now go one of two ways. It could become a rant about committees. idleness, etc. Or it could remain on course as a discussion on generating ideas.  It’s supposed to be about ideas, so despite the fun element of vituperation, I will stick to the original intention.

Ideas – the more you have, the more you get. I’m just noticing, 12 months after my original (non-COVID) illness, that I am getting back to normal as writing and ideas are starting to take shape once more. It’s been a long time. I actually had to write a lot of notes this morning, as ideas started as soon as I woke up.

I see from the news that fish and chips are under threat – prices are up due to the war and disposable income is down. It’s like the Butterfly in the Amazon effect isn’t it – a dictator flexes his muscles in the East and the UK’s national dish is threatened.

Haddock Special at the Fishpan, Scarborough

10 thoughts on “The Ideas Factory

  1. Lavinia Ross

    Sometimes the mind just needs a rest before new ideas can flow, somewhat like letting a field go fallow between crops. You sound like you are between crops. Wishing you a bountiful harvest on the next round! 🙂

  2. tootlepedal

    Like the lady at your meeting, I am much more of an ideas person than one who actually gets things done. I must have annoyed a lot of people in my time. I am glad that you have got your ideas flowing again and I trust that many of them will bear fruit.

  3. LA

    I have blog topics reaching out to January. I’m not sure if any of these ideas are worth a post, but that’s a tomorrow problem

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      In your case, I have to ask which January 2023 or 2024? You are SO organised. I, if pushed, have blog topics reaching out to . . . er . . . Saturday. And I am, frankly, too lazy to do much about it. I admire your ability to plan, but I enjoy the fear of the unknown. 🙂

      1. LA

        25….but seriously…I ebb and flow. A few months ago I was struggling dealing with both my parents and my mother in law. I was creatively zapped and dry. I was thrilled that I had ideas already so I just sat down, opened the laptop and hoped for the best. After I got things to a reasonable state with family, the ideas started flowing and I saw inspiration in everything, hence the filling of planner pages. But, I also only plan four days of posts…I leave three for spontaneous thoughts. I’ve also switched things out if I have an urge to share something

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