A Quiet Day

The big news from yesterday, which I forgot to tell you, was that when I got home we had a Hummingbird Hawkmoth in the front garden. It’s the first time we’ve had one for several years and was good to see. It was very skittish so I didn’t even try for a photograph. Even under favourable conditions they are tricky to take.

Blurred Hummingbird Hawkmoth

You can see how difficult they can be from the existing pictures. They are supposed to be a sign of good luck. I hope so, I could do with something to lighten the mood.

Apart from that I don’t have much to offer. I’ve written about days like this before and they are not even interesting first time round. I could discuss sport, as we have plenty of it on TV, but there are plenty of other people who can do that better. If you want something to absorb a little time (I’m still in training for the World Procrastination Championships – be patient, these things take time), try looking up “gymnastics” and “syrup” or “honey”. Or both. I’m left with an even greater admiration of their sporting activities after reading about the hazards of chalk and the the use of sticky comestibles.

It’s now 9.30 pm and I am beginning to feel uncomfortably warm. This seems to be the wrong way round, as I expect things to get cooler as the day goes by. I’m not sure whether this is part of global warming or whether I’m just growing old and confused.

We had plum, apple and blackberry crumble for tea, all with fruit that had been growing in the garden earlier in the day. I really should have taken a photograph. As this is nearly where I started I will bow out now and leave you with a suspicion of symmetry.



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  1. Anonymous

    Ah, The hummingbird hawkmoth is fascinating. We get them as well and they ARE hard to capture. But I revel in your delight of them.


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