Day 209

Three unusual things happened today.

One, I went for my blood test at hospital after a week of avoiding it. Took a COVID test the night before, as I had been in contact with someone who is positive, and I didn’t want to spread anything. I am clear so I went. There were spaces in the car park and a man on the barrier, which I linked in my mind – there used to be space when they had someone there before. Walked in, hardly had time to sit down, was tested (though she only took two tubes when I was expecting three) and left.

Despite the ban on staff parking in the car park, two doctors were leaving as I left. Couldn’t get out. That’s why there was a man on the gate, they have a new system of number plate recognition. No free quarter hour now, just a Big Brother system where you are automatically In The System. Had to pay using debit card. More Big Brother – all my spending monitored . . .

So that was unusual thing one.

Number two. I had a parcel delivered. It contained  a medallion I had seen on eBay in the “sold” section as I browsed. I complained to Julia that I would have liked to have bought it. It seems that I must have done. I checked and saw I had used the “Buy it Now” feature. I must have bought it in my sleep. This is a worrying development in both the “Senior Moment” department and the “eBay Addiction” department. I have promised Julia that I will only go on eBay in the hours of daylight.

Finally, a man came into the shop. He had a mask.

“I’ve got COVID,” he said, “But I have a mask on so it’s OK isn’t it?”

My workmate muttered something unintelligible. He doesn’t like to say n0. I rolled my seat back and said: “I am on medication which lowers my immune response, so no, don’t come in.”

I actually thought something which had a lot more swearing in it, but I am a retail professional.

He was slightly taken aback by my refusal, as if he honestly thought we would want an infected person in the shop.

Apart from the possible health consequences to us and our families, did he really think we wanted to run the risk of shutting the shop because he’s too stupid to stay at home?

Even after being told to leave he insisted on telling us about the coins he had to sell – I doubt they came to more than a couple of quid, but they were, in his mind, worth enough to justify infecting a whole shop. remember that my work colleagues have frequent contact with two others and a mother in law who are all 80 +, one being over 90. That’s why I’ve been testing again.

It’s not about me, it’s about my responsibility to other people.

Grumpiness Personified

14 thoughts on “Day 209

  1. jodierichelle

    Oh, Lordy. Thank you for standing up to that guy and for dealing a blow to the selfish insanity out there. And thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn the phrase, “rack off.” I’ll likely not use it out loud, because I am quite the lady. But there will be secret thoughts a-plenty.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      The WP community is very educational. I’ve been telling Vinny how to poison people with the contents of his garden and I have, in turn, learnt how to swear politely and how to keep geese off my property by using a plastic coyote.

      Where else can you do this?

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Yes, we did wonder why he felt to need to reveal his stupidity. If he’d just walked in we wouldn’t have known anything was wrong until we went down with it.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      I have a tendency to say things before thinking so it made it easier as I was not hampered by distractions like manners and the customer always being right. 🙂

      I must remember the expression “rack off” – I have not heard that one before but it is perfect in these circumstances.

      1. paolsoren

        ‘Rack off’ eliminates the need for using a more ill mannered expression usually only used by British and Australian stand-up comedians.

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