Day 197

I switched on the computer after watching the World Athletics Championships. It brought back a lot of old coaching tips and I was brimming with good intentions and sports-based motivation. This survived until I went to look at my emails and found I had one from eBay. It was a reminder that I was watching something. I clicked on it and spent the next eight minutes glued to the screen, eventually adding another unusual brooch to my collection of sweethearts. Or another piece of junk that Julia will have to sort out when I die (according to her jaundiced view). Though the way she moans about my collections I might not be the first one to die. Just saying . . .

So, Computer 1 Good Intentions 0.

Cambridgeshire Regiment Sweetheart

Yorkshire Light Infantry Sweetheart

This was a pattern that continued as I stuck a couple more bids into my sniper programme and then browsed 300 more brooches. Most of them were common, over-priced, damaged, or a combination of those three. One is described by the vendor as “good condition” when it clearly isn’t, even from the (deliberately?) blurred photographs he has used. I’ve been caught that way once already in the last few weeks – it seems to be becoming a common sales technique. Not quite a lie but far from accurate.

Some are beautiful but outside my price range – these, when you read contemporary newspaper accounts were often wedding gifts of well-off grooms to their wives, and not necessarily hasty purchases before being sent overseas.

Scots Guards Sweetheart 1914-18

If I won the Lottery (which we all know I won’t, it’s just a convenient figure of speech) I would collect them. However, despite the cost and precious metals I wouldn’t necessarily value them more than the shilling and half-crown brooches that Private Smith bought for his girlfriend or his Mum before going overseas.

Apart from every story being unique, it’s a reminder that although rich people leave better stuff behind, and more written sources, theirs isn’t the real story of history.

Sweetheart Brooch – 10th Royal Hussars

8 thoughts on “Day 197

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      To be honest, considering her expertise with a spade and probable knowledge of poisonous plants I would have taken this pronouncement very seriously. 🙂

  1. tootlepedal

    I am sorry to hear that vendors are not strictly honest even in your area of interest. You would think that dishonest vendors would soon get a name and find it hard to sell much.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Even vendors with bad reputations seem to make a good living, on and off the internet. The stories I could tell would almost certainly trigger threats of legal action, as they are quite sensitive about it. Collectors are often too enthusiastic for their own good.

  2. Lavinia Ross

    Historical societies are good places to leave such collections. True, one never knows who will go through the gate first. All kinds of things can happen. My father died 28 years before my mother, and we were all sure it would be her first due to all her medical issues.


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