Day 183

Last night, whilst browsing the internet, I found an interesting documentary on Wilko Johnson. His music may not appeal to you, but I think his story and personality may do, despite any musical differences. It’s called Oil City Confidential but I can’t find the link at the moment. It features music, poetry and the story of a man who was told he had just ten months to live because of inoperable cancer. As it turned out, he had a rare operable cancer and survived. I offer this as proof that there is interesting stuff on the internet if you can get through all the kitten videos.

Work was a little busier than average, with people coming to buy a variety of things. It always feels more like a shop when people come to buy stuff. When it’s just eBay we might as well be in a warehouse. Though if we were in a warehouse I wouldn’t have things falling on my head when we open the cupboard doors.

As a note for that mythical PhD student who will, one day, use my blog as a guide to life in 2022 – these are the edited highlights. The reality involves much more snoozing in front of TV and staring into space than the posts suggest. Of course, by then the life of a student will probably be so sanitised that drinking caffeine and driving a car will be seen as dreadful acts of self-destruction. Or, as they type in an underground bunker, my use of fossil fuels will be seen as part of the global warming process that produced the desert on “The Surface”, as they will call it . . .

8 thoughts on “Day 183

  1. tootlepedal

    Wilko is certainly a character. When I was young, I would have like to have been a character like him but I was undone by congenital dullness.

    “Though if we were in a warehouse I wouldn’t have things falling on my head when we open the cupboard doors.” That sounds like my kind of filing system.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      It can be quite a surprise when someone else opens the door while I am concentrating on the screen.

      Since giving up drinking I have had to face up to the fact that I too was born dull. On the plus side, dull is cheaper and my mornings are less of a trial. 🙂

  2. Lavinia Ross

    I had not heard of Wilko Johnson or the group Dr. Feelgood. I learned something new. That was some cancer operation he went through, but it worked. He lives!


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